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Adhere to our cause to free west African countries
Why West African (french speaking countries) are still underdeveloped?
France is the main plague of west African countries poverty. It’s time to act

  • First all france disciples (actual fake presidents like Macky sall (Sneegal), Alassane Ouatara (Ivory coast), Patrice Talon (Benin) must be faught.
  • Put true, reputable and democratically elected presidents that are not sent or placed by France to serve for their interest.
  • Fight and quick France out to stop all their plots, crimes and scams from the whole west African countries.

The flame of real independence began in Mali. Let’s enlarge this to the whole continent wherever there are fake france independence in the 1960s.

What We Do
We enlighten the African spirits with the flame of freedom braced by Sonko
Senegalese freedom
Our first step is to free Senegal from France. Get the real independence from France get the rope of colonialism out of the Senegalese neck. Then ouf of the whole west African countries neck for real independence.
Senegalese Rights
Most of Senegalese rights are ignored by the local said government. This is said to be a government but it’s not.  It’s a group appointed by France to lead the country under France total control. Senegalese rights cannot be respected if we have not a real democratic government.
Our Campaings
We focus of transparency and change. We fight neocolonialism to bring back a fair treatment between us and westerners.  Get independence, create jobs, combat bribery, and create development
Our Mission
Our Mission is get rela independance from france. Expose france crimes and scams in Africa. teach france how the ethic, the moral and the sens of responsibility. The respect of human rights, Africn rights and seneglese rights.
Women Rights
Bring women rights to the next levels. France views west African woman like toys. We respect our women as it is said in the bible: “Blessed is the womb that bore You and blessed are the breasts that nursed You!”
Fund Raising
We need support we need help. Not only financial, no we need more people ressources joining the cause and the fight than funds. Eventhought these people are from france people and want fight for justice and true independance they are welcome
New Activities
We always vary our local and international activities for our followers and party members
Focus 2024

Focus 2024 is launched by Ousmane Sonko on August 18, 2022. This is to prepare the campaign for the next presidential election

In focus 2024 we intend to unify the whole country in one single body. We will visit the whole regions in September 2022 and meet the most vulnerable people. We will note the problems and propose solution right now before the election to convince of the community of our will to compete against all barriers for a radical change
Maggi Pastef

”Maggi Pastef” means the oldest of pastef political party.  Pastef is composed of young and old both having one single aim target.

The old of the party will help in advising and proposing thoughts for the wellbeing of the campaign and the next elections. We give a pivotal place for our old and show high respect to them. This is part of African culture to respects old and obey to them as far as they do not transgress. We intend to work for the health and the maintain of the old in the society.
Senegal First

We will bigin from our our room before touching the yard. We will free Senegal then the other west African countries.

Senegal first but we are proud to see that Mali has already started the job. We congratulates president Assimi goita a real and true president a legitimate man who has not been appointed by France (Le Driant or Jacque Attali). May god protect this brave man again the satanic hands of french authorities
Our political program
See our political program in all fields
A Pastef program from Sonko
-Reconciling our identities and strengthening our anchoring in our values
-Rethinking community levers, focusing on Africa and diversifying our partnerships
-Restoring the image of our diplomacy and better involving the diaspora
-Establish an accountable and content executive power
-Creating regional hubs for strong local authorities

-Establishing a free and independent judiciary
-Administering in order and on behalf of the people
-Regulate the state against abuse of power and protect fundamental freedoms
-Establishing a cult of transparency and accountability
-Securing and reassuring Senegalese

A Pastef program from Sonko
-Making agriculture the spearhead of our economy

-Propelling a dynamic breeding

-Protecting and financing the development of sea fisheries and aquaculture

-Managing natural resources in a concerted, sustainable and profitable manner -Promoting industrialization for endogenous development

-Providing sustainable energy and drinking water accessible to all

-Structuring the private sector around SMEs

A Pastef program from Sonko
-Equalizing opportunities through education
-Promoting women and looking after the child

-Promoting solidarity through support for seniors and vulnerable people
-Ensuring quality care and better social protection for populations
-Democratizing access to land and decent housing
-Socializing through sport and raising our level of competitiveness

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
It starts now for a better tomorrow, join the cause