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  • FUNDED $5000
  • NEEDED $3000
  • GOAL $8000
  • FUNDED 63%
-Making agriculture the spearhead of our economy
-Propelling a dynamic breeding
-Protecting and financing the development of sea fisheries and aquaculture
-Managing natural resources in a concerted, sustainable and profitable manner
-Promoting industrialization for endogenous development -Providing sustainable energy and drinking water accessible to all. Structuring the private sector around SMEs
-Protecting the retail sector for a positive impact on households
-Regaining monetary leverage for a strong economy Art and culture for integrated tourism and a thriving society
-Ensure the balance of the ecosystem and preserve the environment for a healthy living environment
-Better planning urbanization for better housing -Reorienting vocational training for better employability
-Facilitating the movement of people and goods -Putting digital technology at the service of value creation